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One of the best things is that you can design Digital visiting Cards/website with no coding chops or sweat required. even if you don’t have a domain yet?…

We offer.

Technology to enhance Your Business

“Hello card” is a Digital Business Solution with an Ultra-Modern technology to create contactless cards and a full-fledged instant website technology which makes exchange of information simple and smart.
We provide our customers with the best tools in assisting them to develop a digital profile that contains contact data, social information, marketing materials, documents, and videos.
“Hello card” which comprises NFC and QR technology which can be used for business and social sharing. it allows you to send professional, personal, and social information on the go. Our solutions are innovative and wireless its need only an NFC reader or QR Scanner, which most modern smartphones carry. Which doesn’t require any additional apps or sophisticated hardware.
Create a profile page with “www.helloaddme.com” and be an own editor. personalize and update your contact and social data. add rich links and many more attractions to drive people to your profiles.

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Custom Domain

Custom Domain allows you to have a unique and a easy to remember name while it helps to promote you web with relevant search results.

Cost Effective

Create your website with a limited budget. We give you the BEST solution @ www.helloaddme.com

Attactive Themes

Selection of elegant and user-friendly themes to choose from to suit your requirement- BEST address to build your Site.

Form Builder

Forms are more engaging, so you get more responses. our users get more data, with a better respond rate.

QR Builder

Users can instantly view your contact details and website with one scan and save them on their devices.

Digital Visiting Card

No more printing and carrying business cards. Share your contact information in just one tap and save to mobile contacts instantly.