Present your Hello card to the NFC-enabled smartphone, wait for the pop-up notification and select the action – view contact or save one.

A Hello card with an NFC tag can write all QR code data, and print it on the card. A QR code on the card surface if you are worried that some users cannot read it. QR codes are the best alternative sharing when one of the connected devices hasn’t an NFC reader.

Why not? Hello Card does not impose any restrictions on the use of your Hello Card. Various data fields and editing options allow you to create awesome marketing tools based on your digital profile. For example, you can use Hello Card to send information about your services or products, to share files or RSS feeds. Some clients even use Hello Card website, which they link to on their social media.

Each Hello Card purchase comes with access to our powerful profile page editor. This online tool will not only help you put together all your essential information, contact numbers and social media profiles in one place but also images linked to your latest articles, posts, products, news and much more. You can also add buttons, countdown counters, and even tags to track your marketing performance.