“Hello Card” is a Digital Business Solution based on the newest contactless technology that makes information exchange simple and straightforward. We provide customers with tools, assisting them in developing a digital profile that contains contact data, product or Service and social information, as well as marketing materials, documents, and videos.

The “Hello Card” contactless cards are a business / website and social sharing gadget that allows you to exchange professional, personal, and social information while on the go. Our solutions use innovative wireless technologies, and they need only an NFC reader or QR Scan which most modern smartphones have. It doesn’t require any additional apps & sophisticated hardware. Create a profile page with “Hello Card” block editor and personalize it with your contact and social data, updates and rich links, RSS feeds, and much more to drive people to your many web channels.

“Hello Card” also works with a wide range of NFC-enabled devices and QR scanners. We have an option for any application, whether you want to share your digital business card/ web information, social landing page, link to your restaurant’s menu, schedule an appointment, contact a number, or send an SMS. Our contactless cards are highly safe and provide many application ways that make them ideal for everyone who wants to get valuable data quickly and conveniently.


Enhanced online application capabilities and customization features make “Hello Card” the best solution for designing your website or business and personal card. Competent data structuring, ease of sharing & storage will help you connect with as many partners and customers as possible. Try to develop the best design that fully suits your needs and preferences!



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